Complete 12 easy tasks and receive $360 worth of NRG cryptocurrency*

Show me how
* - with price per NRG being $3.27 as of 13.06.2019 (110 NRG * $3.27)

What do you need?

To complete the tasks and receive your reward, you only need accounts on at least 2 of these platforms:

1. Create an Energi earndrop account

Go to and create an account.
Having trouble?
See detailed instructions

2. Complete the tasks

To receive your reward you need to complete a couple of tasks on social media websites. The more tasks you complete - the more money you get. There are 12 tasks in total (12 completed tasks = 100 NRG for you). To receive any reward, you need to complete tasks on at least 2 different platforms (for example - Facebook and Twitter)

Do you need help?

If any part of the procedure is unclear and causes you trouble, join the official Discord server. There will always be someone eager to help you.

Discord - Energi


If you have any questions or doubts, take a look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions

What is an airdrop (earndrop)?

An airdrop is a popular method of cryptocurrency distribution. Often, the coin creators decide to organize an airdrop to gain popularity and potential investors. During the airdrop (the rules can vary), the participants receive some amount of that cryptocurrency for free.

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Where did they get all that money? Won't they go bankrupt?

In the case of Energi, the dev team prepared for the airdrops, by creating a special treasury system. Thanks to that, 40% of all the mined coins each month goes to a special pool, which will be used to fund events just like this one (and more, of course!).

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Why do they need a photo of me holding my document?

It's all part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. In this case, the process is needed to avoid fraud submissions. They need to make sure that no user gets the NRG bonus more than once. According to the airdrop's Privacy Policy, this data will not be used for anything else, and will be deleted forever after the airdrop is over.

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Can you guarantee that after the airdrop is over, I will receive $360?

You will receive 110 NRG coins (if you fulfill the conditions), which you can later exchange for whatever you like. Their price can go up or down before the distribution. You can see the current price of NRG and exchanges where it's available right here: